Great Nutrition

Free training for Parents and Family members. Our Philosophy

Julian and DeVier

Two professional athletes!!! The opportunity to spend a fun and educational day with you! They couldn't be more excited.

USA Football

Pocket Full of Poseys is partnering with USA Football for the camp!

The NFL Foundation

Pocket Full of Poseys is partnering with the NFL Foundation for the camp!

Board Member of the Week

Kierra G. Scott

Kierra received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Maryland. Kierra has over five years of non-profit experience and even more skills working with today’s youth....

What We Do

What happens at the camp?

  • Service for children ages 5-13 years
  • Sports Fundamentals
  • Nutrition Education
  • Food Modeling by providing breakfast and lunch
  • Nutrition Workshop for parents

What People Are Saying

And a final subheading about our clients

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